If you were to ask 'who is Jeremy', I'd say I'm someone who loves connecting people to meaningful experiences. We have tools that reduce our wait times, increase our efficiencies, but we can't lose our humanity. I hope to make people feel seen, involved and valued. I don't always get it right, but it's innately in my core. Technology is our future, and when I look back on history, I want to be one of the impactful humans that changed someone's world with a warm experience.
Since I was a kid, I've enjoyed learning various customs and cultures. In college, I studied communication and psychology, which led me to traveling, documenting, and wanting to understand people who didn't look like me. I don't meet a stranger (I'm southern gentleman lol). I'm the guy that likes to talk about everything under the sun! My favorite Book Genres are Faith, Psychology, History, & Self-help based.
Creating memorable, shared experiences is a part of my DNA. Finding moments to connect with people in unexpected ways reminds me of what's essential in life. I'm always curious about things. In 2014, I traveled to Europe, which gave me the travel bug. That was my first taste of wanting more of traveling city-to-city, hotel-to-hotel, and document my experiences, that of a design researcher: my art mediums of interest are photography, sketching, music, acting, & writing.
I’m a very empathic person; I’m a thinker, encourager, and peacemaker. I advocate for human connection & social justice. I’m a kingdom man, a follower of Jesus Christ & dedicated my soul to live my life as He did. My personality type is ENFP. My Gallup Strengths are strategic, communication, positivity, input, and connectedness.
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