We shot a powerful Music Video in which I assisted with concept creation and did some acting. This video was a major success which impacting many people. We released SANNI's first album May of 2019 as a grassroots independent artist. Shot and edited by @Shot_by_Christian. Learn more about SANNI. and Listen to the highly anticipated album here.

Promotional video I created while during my undergrad. The goal here was to articulate my love for storytelling, connection, and life as I see it. In the production consists photos from my travels, people I've documented, some stock video (intro), and self portraits. - Created with Splice and Adobe Lightroom. 
Documentary video of my travels to Europe. The goal here was to document my experience and share with friends and family back home. The places we visited were Nimes, France, Arles, France, and Barcelona, Spain, and Paris, France. - Created with Final Cut and Adobe Lightroom. 
Photos & Conversations came about once while in college inspired by People of NEw York which then I picked things back up once I became a photography teacher in 2019-2020. I began creating these small mobile chats about my photography after coming across the incredible Sean Tucker. Everyone and everything has a story if you're patient enough to experience it. Recorded on mobile device and edited in splice app.
This was a wonderful impromptu video a dear friend of mine and I created. I wanted to simply show her enjoyment for cooking. Shot with a cannon 7D and edited in Final Cut.

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