I was born in September in Fort Worth, Texas. As a kid I learned early on how valuable having human connection and empathy meant to me. I was bullied a lot for being "different." Growing up I've always enjoyed being outside, wandering around, and being in the present moment. For the most part of my childhood I built various things with my siblings from clubhouses, reorganizing our rooms, to rebuilding our bikes.
In college, I studied communication and psychology, which fueled my thirst for travel, documenting, and curiosity to understand and more importantly connect with others. I fell in love with creating and cultivating powerful intentional experiences for people to encounter new people that'll challenge their assumptions and seek common ground.
I enjoy reading books of faith, psychology, history, and technology. I love photography, conversing, songwriting, film, and sketching. 
Gallup strengths: Strategic, Communication, Positivity, Input, and Connectedness.
Myer-Briggs: ENFP 
Enneagram: 7
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